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  • Bar-b-q-

    Baby Back Ribs

    A full Rack of Freshly Pecan Smoked Baby Back Ribs. Tender and Juicy it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser.

  • Bar_B_Qued_Beef_Brisket

    Bar B Qued Beef Brisket

    Mouthwatering, Thin Sliced and Tender!

  • BBQ Chicken Quarters

    Bar B Qued Chicken Quarters

    Our Pecan Smoked Chicken Quarters sauced up with our homemade Bar B Que on our Char Broiler.

    Try this item with our Homemade Baked Beans

    2.99 Per quarter

  • Pulled_Pork

    Bar B Qued Pulled Pork

    Fresh Pecan Smoked Pork Shoulder pulled from the bone!

  • Bar-b-q-

    Bar-b-q Company Pack

    Serves 12-14 guests

  • Bar-b-q_Family

    Bar-b-q Family Pack

    Feed 4-5 guests. 1#Brisket 1#Pork,half rack ribs,half chicken,two pints baked beans,two pints potato salad,4 garlic Texas toast.

  • Bar-B-Q-Pork-Ribs

    Bar-B-Q Pork Ribs

    Rack of St. Louis Style ribs, serves approx 2 guests

  • Pork_Chops

    BBQ Pork Chops (2)

    4oz center cut pork chops flame broiled and bbq.

  • BBQ_Shrimp

    BBQ Shrimp 10#

    (Peel on) Ten pounds of shrimp.

  • BBQ_Shrimp

    BBQ Shrimp 5#

    (Peel on) Five pounds of shrimp.

  • Beef_Kabobs

    Beef Kabobs (2)

    Sirloin Beef Kabobs with tri peppers and mushrooms

  • Beef_Lasagna

    Beef Lasagna

    Homemade and Delicious! Puts the competition to shame! We may have Louisiana inspired dishes but our old Italian cook will blow you away! Perfect entree for any party!

    Feeds 25-30